In 2009, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and the Northwest Territories’ (NWT) Chamber of Commerce partnered to launch Made in the NWT Program. The Program was designed to highlight NWT based manufacturers and promote their products to potential customers, with a specialized Made in the NWT logo. A strong manufacturing sector is a key element of a strong economy. Understanding that northern manufactures face many challenges that include high input, utility and transportation costs, the Made in the NWT program is designed to ensure NWT manufacturers are recognized for their contribution to the NWT economy.

Through this ongoing initiative, the Chamber has a supply of Made in the NWT stickers, decals, stamps and more. These are provided to any manufacturer who requests it, free of charge, which they can use to label goods produced in the NWT. When potential customers see the Made in the NWT label, they will recognize the jobs and other economic benefits that are tied to producing these products locally and consider that before making their purchasing decision. Hopefully, encouraging customers to choose Made in the NWT products above all else. The Chamber and the GNWT fully support our northern business and encourage residents and visitors to take this opportunity to show their appreciation for businesses that manufacture in the NWT as well.