The NWT Chamber of Commerce administers the Made in the NWT Program and acts as the distribution center for the stickers and promotional materials. Business owners that are interested in participating in the program simply proceed to the "Registration" page.

Any manufacturer who meets the following criteria is eligible to participate in this Program:

  • Individual manufacturers must be residents of the NWT.
  • Manufactured materials must be created within the NWT.
  • All users of the Made in the NWT logo must be registered with the NWT Chamber of Commerce.
  • Each manufacturer must register yearly.

Manufacturers who wish to participate in the Program will be provided with their choice of the materials upon registration.

Manufactures that are registered with the Made in the NWT Program are free to use the Branding Logo on their own products and product packaging material. It is imperative that all logos maintain the same standard of quality; therefore the logo cannot be changed or altered from its original form. If a manufacture would like to obtain the logo for reproduction they must request the JPEG file from the NWT Chamber of Commerce office.